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Project Overview

The aim of this project is to research and develop a digital effects system with wireless MIDI control for the electric guitar.

Existing effects theory will be confirmed using Matlab, and unique algorithms developed and embedded in digital signal processing hardware. 

An 8051 based pedal board that will transmit control data over a wireless link to the digital signal processor located at the amplifier. Tshis control system will take advantage of existing MIDI protocol. 

A PC to DSP MIDI link will allow advanced user configuration through a Java based GUI.



Recent Progress

Wed 05/04 10:30

Project Presentation and Project Paper uploaded.


Fri 24/03 12:00 Extensive update to project website, all code up to date and available in downloads section. Added Datasheets section to downloads.
Thu 23/03 16:00 Effects switched by pedal-board and PC
Wed 22/03 15:00 Project Thesis Submitted
Thu 16/03 17:30 PC Midi messages opto-isolated and converted to 3.3V
Wed 15/03 16:00 Effects now switched by MIDI pedalboard
Wed 15/03 14:30 Achieved simultaneous MIDI reception and audio processing.
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