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8051 Pedal Board Control System

The pedal board operating system runs on an 8051 micro-controller. It's function is to poll footswitches and variable pedals and on detecting a change transmit an appropriate MIDI message.

Download current version of assembly code operating system (v2.1) pedalboard.asm <needs to be updated to add in UART code>


MIDI messages used:

Control Change  
1011 nnnn Midi Channel Number nnnn (1-16)
0ccc cccc Controller Number (0-119, 120-127 reserved)
0vvv vvvv Controller Value (0-127)
  Chan 1=>Pedal 1, Chanl 2=>Pedal 2, Chan 16=>Switches
Program Change  
1100 nnnn Midi Channel Number (0-15)
0ppp pppp Patch Number (0-127)