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Coding java MIDI interface.

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Recent Progress

Fri 24/03 12:00 Extensive update to project website, all code up to date and available in downloads section. Added Datasheets section to downloads.
Thu 23/03 16:00 Effects switched by pedal-board and PC
Wed 22/03 15:00 Project Thesis Submitted
Thu 16/03 17:30 PC Midi messages opto-isolated and converted to 3.3V
Thu 16/03 14:00 All circuits now powered from 8051 board.
Wed 15/03 16:00 Effects now switched by MIDI pedalboard
Wed 15/03 14:30 Achieved simultaneous MIDI reception and audio processing.
Tue 07/05 12:00 Successfully received MIDI messages through software UART on DSP board


Thu 02/03 17:30 Successfully converted 5.5V Serial data to 3.3V using 74LVC373 chip. This is a 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch with 5V tolerant inputs.
Sun 26/02 15:30 Extended Java GUI, now version 1.2. See code and screenshot.
Mon 20/02 10:00 Constructed Midi isolation circuit to facilitate 5V - 3.3V UART interface.
Wed 15/02 16:45 Flanger effect embedded, but background noise present
Fri 09/02 16:00 Embedded Tremolo Effect.
Thu 08/02 13:00 Restructured delay effect, and added parallel port code to store buffer in external memory.  Can now achieve a much greater delay time.
Fri 03/02 11:30 Uploaded current embedded C code.
Tue 31/01 20:30 Successfully Embedded Delay effect in DSP board.
Mon 30/01 17:00 Re-wrote embedded Fuzz effect in C
Mon 30/01 16:20 Re-wrote block-based C code talkthru' example to form a sample based program.
Fri 27/01 20:00 Successfully embedded 'fuzz' distortion effect in DSP board in assembly language.
Fri 27/01 11:00 Created progress tracking web page
Thu 26/01 14:00 Received USB to MIDI interface from Maplin, Java program is recognising MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT ports.
Wed 25/01 15:30 mp3 samples added!
Wed 25/01 12:00 Created java program to list all MIDI devices on computer.
Mon 23/01 11:30 Gave hyperterminal demo.
Wed 18/01 11:15 Received ADSP-21364 development board. Reviewing the relevant documentation. Running example code.
Wed 18/01 14:00 Had project progress meeting with co-supervisor Cillian O'Driscoll, gave full Matlab and 8051 demo.
Tue 17/01 17:30 Pedal-board operating system extended to send midi-messages over the UART. Completely debugged using PC hyperterminal, operating as expected.
Mon 16/01 09:30 Conducted guitar control based patent research.
Sun 15/01 15:00 Researched javax.sound.midi.* API.
Sun 08/01 16:00 Completed Progress Report
Tue 15/11 12:30 Performed research in the view to achieving the desired MIDI baud rate from the AduC831 UART.
Tue 08/11 15:00 Gave demo of 8051 operating system.
Thu 27/10 16:30 Completed voltage regulator circuit to ensure constant supply of 2.5V to the ADuC831 ADC's.
Tue 25/10 15:00 Project web-site initial version complete.
Sat 22/10  Performed major reconstruction and restructuring of 8051 operating system.
Mon 10/10 Recorded high quality wav guitar samples.
Wed 05/10 Completed flanger effect in Matlab.
Tue 04/10 Researched MIDI.
Tue 04/10 Gave Matlab project demo.
Tue 04/10 Received ADuC831 board.
Sun 02/10 Created wah wah effect in Matlab.
Fri 30/09 Completed Initial Project Report
Mon 19/09 Finished Tremolo and Delay effects in Matlab.
Fri 16/09 Finished clipping or fuzz effect in Matlab.
Thu 15/09 Learned how to read and write wav files in Matlab.